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Humpback Whales Behaviours

What you can expect to see during your Whale Watching Tour

Humpback Whales are known as ‘the acrobats of the ocean’ due to their impressive range of behaviours.

Here you can find the most common behaviours which can be observed during our whale watching tours.

humpback whale breach


One of the most spectacular behaviours to observe! With just a few strokes of their flukes, humpbacks can propel their bodies out of the water, then crash back down with a thunderous splash! They can breach for many reasons, from communication to removal of parasites to joyful play.

humpback whale blow


Whales are mammals, just like us. Their most common surface activity is coming to the surface to breathe. Their exhalation forms a cloud of moist air that can be seen from many kilometres away.

humpback whale pec slap

Pectoral fin Slapping

Humpbacks have the longest pectoral fins of all whales, up to 1/3 of their body length. They will often roll onto their side or back, raise one or both pectoral fins clear of the water and slaps them forcefully on the water surface.

humpback whale tail slap

Tail Slapping

Humpback whales will sit vertically in the water while slapping their flukes against the surface. Whales have been seen tail slapping repeatedly, more than 40 times!

humpback whale head lunge

Head Slapping

The whale raises its head clear of the water and slaps it on the water surface.

humpback whale tail throw

Peduncle Throw

One of the most powerful and aggressive behaviour. This is when the whale throws the lower portion of its body, including its flukes sideways across the surface of the water.

Spy hop from mother and calf humpback whales

Spy Hop

Inquisitive behaviour when the whale raise its head above the water to take a closer look at something, usually a whale watching boat! Who is watching who?

humpback whale fluke diving

Fluke dive

The whale lifts its fluke (or tail) out of the water before diving, in order to descend steeply beneath the surface

The Humpback Whale Song

One of the most mysterious and mystical things about humpback whales is that they sing!
The song of the humpback whale is a loud, complex series of sounds repeated over and over.
All whales within a given area and season seem to use the same songs. However, the songs appear to change from one breeding season to the next.
Researchers estimate that some of the lowest frequency sounds can travel through the ocean as far as 10,000 miles (or 16,093km).
Come aboard our whale watching excursions and listen to their song for yourself via our underwater hydrophone. It truly has to be heard to be believed!
humpback whale song
Our Marine Biologist recording whale songs
humpback whale calf

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Whale watching Byron bay

Come Whale Watching with an experienced professional crew on our purpose built vessel “Apollo 2” in the magical pristine waters of Byron Bay

Duration: 3 Hours (approx.)

sea turtle byron bay

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Snorkelling Byron bay

Snorkel with Turtles , manta rays, leopard sharks and more at Julian Rocks Marine sanctuary! Jump on board Apollo 2 our purpose built dive boat for a fast and exciting trip to the rock! Guides and all gear provided.

Duration: 2.5 Hours (approx.)