Byron Bay Whale Swim

Swim with Humpback whales in Byron Bay

The whales decide if they want to swim with us!

Humpback Whales are  gentle and curious by nature, and will often approach us for a bit of people watching!

Given the opportunity we are able to swim with these majestic animals and experience them in their ocean element. We will do our best to find relaxed and playful whales that are curious  and give us an opportunity to swim with them. Its totally up to the whales wether we swim with them or not, so far we have had about an 80% success rate. We guarantee you will see whales but we cannot guarantee you will swim with them every trip. If we don`t get a swim you will only be charged for Whale watching.

COST:  Whale swim  $500        


We follow a strict Code of Conduct to comply with the regulations and guidelines for Whale Watching. The Australian National Guidelines for Whale and Dolphin Watching 2017 and Biodiversity Conservation Regulation 2017 are in place to protect and conserve Whales and Dolphins. We uphold the requirement not to interfere with the Humpback Whale’s migration path. If the Whales are not interested in uswe will not see them underwater nor get in their way.

We have a maximum 4 people plus a guide to maintain a personal and intimate whale encounter and increase the likelihood of curious whales approaching us. Time permitting there will also be an opportunity to swim at iconic dive sites such as Nguthungulli Julian Rocks Marine Reserve.

Mask, fins, and wetsuit are supplied, but if you have your own equipment we recommend you bring it.